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BROOD V 2016





TUESDAY, MAY 24th: Wellington (Lorain County) - Teneral adults and exuviae are observed on several trees located on South Main Street/State Route 58.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 25th: Wellington (Lorain County) - More tenerals are observed on trees and a few exuvia are found inside the Wellington Union Cemetery.

Indian Hollow Reservation (Lorain County) - Hundreds of adults, exuviae, and exit holes are found near the shelter houses with some of the adults being strong fliers. 

FRIDAY, MAY 27th: Wellington (Lorain County) - More teneral adults are observed on trees along Route 58.

SUNDAY, MAY 29th: Wellington (Lorain County) - Numerous teneral adults and exuviae are observed on trees throughout the city.  Tenerals are now observed on trees along West Herrick Avenue/State Route 18, west to Brighton.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1st: Wellington (Lorain County) - Chorusing, cast skins, and adults are observed throughout the town and into Wellington Community Park.

Lagrange (Lorain County) - Chorusing is heard.

Pittsfield (Lorain County) - Chorusing is heard and tenerals are observed inside the East Cemetery on route 303.

Carlisle Reservation (Lorain County) - Adults, tenerals, nymphs, and exuviae cover the trunks of numerous trees.  I located the first mating couple of this season (M. septendecim).  The choruses are loud throughout the reserve.

FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd:  Flat Rock (Seneca County) - A single exuvia is found on a tree along Main Street/County Road 29.  There is no chorus and no other cicada evidence located.

THURSDAY, JUNE 9th: Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - A steady chorusing is heard.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12th: Caley Reservation (Lorain County) - Strong chorusing with mating pairs (including M. septendecula) and fresh egg nests in many trees.

Carlisle Reservation (Lorain County) - Loud choruses with mating pairs.

Norwalk (Huron County) - Chorusing is heard west of Norwalk along State Route 20 near County Road 126/Brown Road with some dead adults lying on the highway.

MONDAY, JUNE 13th: Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville (Huron County) - Good chorusing and activity observed.  Exuviae are found on trees near the south side of the property and egg nests are observed on several saplings.

Norwalk (Huron County) - Chorusing is heard along Washington Road near Drake Road but ends eastbound upon entering the Norwalk City limits and just south of Hill Road on Drake.

TUESDAY, JUNE 14th: Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - Chorusing is continuous with cicadas feeding and ovipositing in young trees.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15th: Attica (Seneca County) - Loud choruses & populations just west of town near Seneca East School on U. S. Route 224 and on Center Heights Road (South Township Road 81); approximately a mile and a half south of State Route 162.

MONDAY, JUNE 20th: Brecksville Reservation (Cuyahoga County) - Hot humid day in the mid-nineties.  Chorus was steady but not ear piercing.  Females were busy making nests while other feeding adults rest on tree branches.  Deceased adults lay beneath the tree canopies.

Virginia Kendall Park (Summit County) - Adults were active and choruses were very loud in a few areas of the park.  Adults were either busy feeding or laying eggs.  The dead littered the parking areas and flagging damage is widespread.

Hinckley Reservation (Medina County) - Another steady chorus with numerous females laying eggs.  There is very noticeable flagging damage done to numerous trees.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22nd: Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - Choruses of all 3 species is heard with some areas of the reserve being louder than others.   Flagging damage is apparent, the deceased clutter the grass trails, and females are busy laying eggs.

Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville (Huron County) - Very loud chorus to the rear of the property with M. cassinii being the dominate singers of the 3 species.

SUNDAY, JUNE 26th: Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - Light chorusing with widespread flagging damage.

Charlemont Reservation (Lorain County) - More light chorusing with many infected by fungus and plenty of dead lying in the grasses.

Carlisle Reservation (Lorain County) - Light choruses with many trees exhibiting nest damages.

Indian Hollow Reservation (Lorain County) - Plenty of ovipositing still taking place and much flagging damage.  The chorusing here is the strongest I found in Lorain County on this day.

Caley Reservation (Lorain County) - Like the other reserves listed, this location also has light chorusing with flagging damage.

Kipton Reservation (Lorain County) - Another weak chorus.

Brighton Township (Lorain County) - Heavy flagging damage throughout with spotty light choruses.

Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville (Huron County) - Some isolated M. cassinii calls are heard with light flagging damage at the rear of the cemetery in the tree line.

Shermin Township (Huron County) - Loud M. cassinii choruses are heard along State Route 547 near Heyman Road/Township Road 29.

SATURDAY, JULY 2nd: Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - There is plenty of flagging damage but no living adults are seen and none are heard.

Indian Hollow Reservation (Lorain County) - Faint chorusing is heard briefly with isolated M. cassinii calls.   No living adults are visible and there is widespread flagging damage.

Carlisle Reservation (Lorain County) - Only a few isolated calls are heard with more widespread flagging.  No ovipositing females are found at any location I visited on this date.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6th: Brighton Township (Lorain County) - No Magicicada sounds are heard anywhere.  Flagging damage is excessive and widespread in many areas, including the infamous Gore Orphanage Road. 

Wellington Township (Lorain County) - Excessive flagging damage is everywhere and no Magicicada calls are heard.  Annual cicadas are beginning to sing.

Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - No adults or singing. 

Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville (Huron County) - The woods are silent with some visible flagging damage.

Ridgefield Township (Huron County) - No singing but many rural wood lands have sustained excessive flagging damage south of State Route 20.

Peru Township (Huron County) - No singing with many rural woodlands having sustained excessive flagging damage.  Rural roads to note:  Terry Road, Hettle Road, and Pontiac Section Line Roads.

Shermin Township (Huron County) - No singing again. Many rural wood lands have also sustained excessive flagging damage.

SATURDAY, JULY 9th: Brighton Township (Lorain County) - Still no adults are seen or heard.

Wellington Township (Lorain County) - All is quiet.

Wellington Reservation (Lorain County) - All is quiet here as well.  Only the dead carcasses remain.

Shermin Township (Huron County) - It is also quiet through the rural country sides and wood lands.

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