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Magicicadas have been blamed for causing car crashes by flying into the laps of unexpecting motorists, are considered omens that predict war due to the "W" shape located on their forewings, and are said to cause injuries to ear drums due to their excessive volume of noise.  Now here's an interesting little story that occurred during the 1987 Brood X emergence in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  




Akron Beacon Journal


Saturday, June 6, 1987


Section: OHIO


Page: B1


Two Cincinnati men armed with a cicada are suspected of stealing $25 from a restaurant's cash register after using the winged insect to briefly scare away the cashier, police say. The two men walked into the Grand Slam Restaurant brandishing a cicada. They thrust the bug at cashier Marquisa Kellogg, 22, who then fled from her post at the cash register, police said.

Later, after Ms. Kellogg had recovered and returned to the register, she found that it was missing $25.



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